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Vector Rope Access UK Ltd is a specialist rope safety and access company dedicated to delivering a high quality, innovative and friendly service to projects involving working at height. With a background in high profile rigging jobs for the television and film industry, large scale geotechnical cliff stabilisation projects in high profile areas and rope safety for remote location expeditions; we have a wealth of experience in completing extremely challenging work in a variety of environments.

Health and safety is of course, of paramount importance throughout all our projects. We strive to keep our work sites clean and organised and continually focus on effective communication with our partners to ensure that we operate based on our client’s needs. We select our staff carefully, our teams are assembled of highly qualified and experienced rope access professionals who all enjoy working together.

We use rigging and climbing equipment and techniques developed at the forefront of rope access ensuring we can work efficiently in all environments. As a result, our rigging solutions are innovative and versatile.

Company Directors

Waldo Etherington

Waldo is a remote location rigging specialist and a pioneering expert in this field. He has been
working on film expeditions with clients such as the BBC and ZDF for over a decade. He operates as the Chief Instructor for canopy Access Ltd (www.caopyaccess.co.uk) and runs the technical rigging and rope rescue organisation called Remote Ropes (www.remoteropes.co.uk) which operates in partnership with Vector.


He has made many significant achievements including first ascents of some of the tallest and most remote trees in the world; and first ascents of some of the highest remote cliffs in the world.

His experience with technical climbing of trees and cliff faces and the constant evolving focus upon technical rescue has equipped him well, with the knowledge required to lead a variety of technical rigging operations for industrial and arboricultural rock safety projects.

His love of rope access and Geotechnical work was greatly inspired by working with Johnny, so
Vector was born to keep the fire of enthusiasm, professionalism and work satisfaction burning!

Johnny Hunt

Johnny is a Geotechnical specialist and a rope safety expert. He has many years experience working alongside geotechnical engineers; primarily developing and installing geotechnical rock and slope safety systems. He has overseen and delivered technical rock stabilisation projects in
extremely challenging locations for some of the UK’s biggest companies.


He is selected by many of our clients because of his many year’s experience within this field. He has a safe and systematic approach to operating in high profile areas on a world class level.

Before he began rigging professionally he spent 10 years in the military working within multi-national tri service teams in high-pressure environments. Since then he has developed his passion for the extreme within rope access and as an adventure sports instructor.

Johnny lives with his family in Newquay, Cornwall and whenever he’s not hanging from cliff faces he can be found surfing the many breaks around the west country.

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