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Mesh Installation

Vector rope access uk ltd can install different varieties of cliff and slope retention netting using rope access techniques, from British manufactured galvanised or stainless steel  grids to coconut geocoir providing environmentally friendly short term solutions.

The soil or rock can be stabilised by introducing a meshing system. Structural woven metal mesh or geo-synthetics are used to reinforce the area. The essential feature is that friction develops between the reinforcement and the soil. By means of friction, the soil transfers the forces built up in the earth mass to the reinforcement, thus, tension develops in the reinforcement when the soil mass is subjected to shear stresses under loads.

Gabion baskets

A gabion wall is a retaining wall made of stacked stone-filled gabions tied together with wire. Gabion walls are usually battered (angled back towards the slope), or stepped back with the slope, rather than stacked vertically.

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